31 GENNAIO 2018
Global Go to Think Tank Index 2017
University of Pennsylvania

Ce.S.I. is once again among the most important Think Tank is the world

Rome, 31 January 2018 – In these days the University of Pennsylvania has published the “Global Go to Think Tank Index”, document aimed at identifying the best Think Tank in the world.

The project would like to give the right recognition to the important contribution of think tank to the globally emerging trends and increasing the awareness of their role towards governments and the civil society.

Inside the pages of the report, written by the University of Pennsylvania, the work of research and analysis produced by Ce.S.I. has allowed the institute to confirm once again its presence among the top think tank in the world.

In the main category "Top Think Tanks Worldwide – US and non US", the Centre for International Studies takes the 161st place.

Inside the other categories, Ce.S.I. – Centre for International Studies is positioned in:

  • 51st place among the "Top Think Tanks in Western Europe", third among all Italian Institutes.
  • 26th place in the category “Top Think Tanks with Annual Operating Budgets of Less than $5 Million USD”, moreover 38th place with the nomination of Centre for International Studies in the same category, confirming itself as an Italian excellency in the field of analysis of international politics.
  • 107th place in the category “Top Foreign Policy and International Affairs”.

Ce.S.I. – The Centre for International Studies, a private and independent Institute, funded in 2004 by President Andrea Margelletti, has been since four years inside the index of the most important Think Tank in the world and for the third year in a row it confirms itself in the third place among all Italian Institutes.