The current scenario in Iraq and in the wider Middle East



20th September 2017

Sala Consiliare, ANSA

Via della Dataria, 94


Opening: 15.00

The roundtable is meant as a moment of analysis and reflection on the main political, social and security issues that characterize today's Iraq. Repercussions on the wider Middle East region and their impact at the global level will also be addressed, with particular attention to the security dimension. Credible and viable strategies for enhancing long-term stability in the area will be discussed as well.



  • Mr Gabriele Iacovino (Director, Ce.S.I. - Centro Studi Internazionali)
  • Mr Stefano Polli (Deputy Director, ANSA)


  • H.E. Haider al-Barak (Head, Political Planning Department - Iraqi Ministry of Foreign Affairs)
  • Dr Khaled Olewiwi Jiad (Director, Centre for Strategic Studies, University of Kerbala, Iraq)
  • Hon Massimo Artini (Deputy Chairman, Defense Permanent Committee - Italian Chamber of Deputies)
  • Sen Lucio Malan (Member, Foreign Affairs Permanent Committee - Italian Senate of the Republic)


The event will be held in english and it's available as live streaming on Facebook 


Watch here the video