19 OTTOBRE 2016
The multiple aspects of North Korea’s threat and its implication for International security

Ce.S.I. - Center for International Studies

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The multiple aspects of North Korea's threat and its implication for International security

19th October 2016

Via della Dataria, 94



The several developments which involved North Korea in the last months drew the international attention on one of the most impenetrable regime in the world. The two nuclear tests carried on by Pyongyang during 2016 are just the most evident aspect of a problem that is emerging as a multidimensional challenge for regional and international stability. The more and more frequent defections of North Koreans are casting light on other big topics related to Kim Jong-Un’s government: the lack of respect and protection of human rights, the social and economic discrepancy between the apparatus’ leadership and the population, the attempts used by Pyongyang to circumvent the international sanctions.

In a moment when the Kim Jong-un’s aggressive rhetoric and attitude are alienating North Korea from any kind of external support, the International Community should engage in a serious discussion to address effectively all the dimension of the issue (social, political, humanitarian and, security) in order to elaborate plausible solutions for a long-term stability in the Korean Peninsula.




  • Lee Yong-joon – Ambassador of Republic of Korea in Italy
  • Andrea Margelletti – President of Ce.S.I. – Center for International Studies

Speakers (tbc):

  • Jung-Hoon Lee - ROK government’s inaugural Ambassador-at-Large for North Korean Human Rights
  • Fabrizio Cicchitto – President of Foreign Affairs committee of Italian Parliament
  • Ugo Papi – Democratic Party’s Advisor for Asia


  • Stefano Polli – Vice Director of ANSA


Live streaming video will be available on Ce.S.I. facebook page.