01 GIUGNO 2016
ASEAN Outlook: The possible evolution of current relations between ASEAN, Italy and the EU

Ce.S.I. -Center for International Studies

in collaboration with 


ASEAN Outlook: The possible evolution of current relations between ASEAN, Italy and the EU


1st June 2016
Via della Dataria, 94

Opening session: 12:00 am
Closing session: 13:30 pm


During the event will be presented the report ASEAN Outlook: Challenges and perspectives for Italy and Europe in Southeast Asia. The report has been written jointly by Ce.S.I. - Center for International Studies and FUET - Fondazione Economia Tor Vergata, and it has been funded by Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperatioon (MAECI).

The report aims at explaining both the potential of ASEAN and the issues that are slowing down the implementation of the Association’s political dimension. It analyzes the role that European Union and Italy could play while trying to boost their presence in the region and to strengthen their partnership with Southeast Asian States. Starting from the scenario outlined in the document, the event will focus on the range of policy recommendations for Italy and the European Union, suggested by the Ce.S.I. and FUET,  in order to play a more proactive role in a globally strategic region such as Southeast Asia.




  • Prof. Andrea Margelletti - Chairman of Ce.S.I. – Center for International Studies
  • Prof. Luigi Paganetto - Chairman of FUET


  • H.E. Myint Naung – Ambassadors of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar
  • H.E. August Parengkuan - Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia
  • H.E. Domingo Nolasco – Ambassador of the Republic of the Philippines
  • H.E. Datò Abdul Samad Othman – Ambassador of Malaysia
  • Couns. sara Rezoagli - Head of VII Office (MAECI)
  • Prof. Romeo Orlandi – Deputy Chairman of Italy-ASEAN Association


  • Dr. Stefano Polli - Deputy Director of ANSA

The event will be held in English

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