External contributions 2018

The Institute is open to contributions on the following topics:

North Africa and Middle East

  • The economic diversification in the Gulf
  • Political, social and security dynamics in the Maghreb region
  • The unstable balances in the heart of the Middle East (Iraq, Siria, Libano)

Asia and Pacific

  • Internal and regional politics of Narendra Modi’s India
  • The infrastructural development projects in South East Asia
  • Stan-Countries’ priorities for internal and regional security
  • The developing relations between China and Central Asia

Russia / former USSR and the Balkans

  • The political opposition to Putin: parties, movements and civil society
  • Ukraine at the crossroads: the path of reforms and the war in Donbas
  • Information as a strategic weapon: the Russian propaganda and disinformation machine
  • The processes of religious radicalization in the Balkans and the growth of indigenous jihadism: Albania, Kosovo, Montenegro.


  • The social and economic origin of conflicts in the African continent: food insecurity, underdevelopment, competition for resources between different communities
  • The migration phenomenon: origin, security implications and effects on Africa and Europe
  • Beyond the conflicts: the economic development trends in Africa and the sectors with the greatest potential
  • The African conflicts of today and tomorrow: Mali, Somalia, Ethiopia, Rep. Dem. Congo, Central African Republic, Nigeria.

Military Affairs

  • Military forces’ developments in Latin America
  • Military forces’ developments in Africa
  • China’s military evolution
  • The multiple dimensions of Maritime Security


Prospective candidates should send three proposals, which they would like to write an analysis on, at the address: selezione@cesi-italia.org

After the topic is chosen, together with the analysts of the Institute, the contributor will be tasked wth writing the analysis. The paper should be unpublished and original, nimble, easy to read and to understand. It has to be analytical, thus offering to the reader an intepretation and not just a description of the chosen topic, with an impersonal and detached style.

After being approved by our staff, the paper will be included in the "Brief Report" series and published on the Institute's website:  www.cesi-italia.org


The committment is absolutely not-exclusive and free of charge.

Open positions

At the moment we do not have open positions.

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