Ce.S.I. Istituto di Analisi di Politica Internazionale

The Centre for International Studies (Ce.S.I. - Centro Studi Internazionali) was founded in Rome (Italy) by Andrea Margelletti, in 2004. Since then Mr Margelletti has been the Chairman of the Institute.

The activity of Ce.S.I is articulated and developed from the requirements of numerous clients, both institutional and private. Our clients can rely on the professionalism and experience of our analysts and on their interest for foreign policy issues and security-related matters.

The objective of the Institute is to understand and to help understand current events, quickly and clearly. Its aim is to empower the decision maker in order for him to draw his conclusions and formulate well-informed decisions. Compared to academia, the works of the Institute are realized promptly, so that the client can quickly receive the requested situational update and make use of it immediately and directly.

The work of the Institute is represented at its highest level by the analysis reports, which provide objective informations and perspectives through a constant, prompt and dynamic update. Our attention is focused on points of view which are usually ignored by mainstream media, to provide the client with a complete and in-depth picture of the main elements of the dynamics at work.

The Institute's research activity is centred on national and foreign policy dynamics of countries of major interest for Italy, especially in the wide Middle East, Africa, Asia and Balkans, with a particular focus on security and defence, terrorism, counter-terrorism and intelligence.

The approach of the Institute is multi-faceted and, in order to make sense of today's complexity, it has to be founded on some core elements, whose comprehension is fundamental to correctly interpret the dynamics at work. In this framework, the Institute, which is completely indipendent and private, trusts that in order to better understand current events it is necessary to have direct contact with all relevant stakeholders. Thus, it is important for Ce.S.I. to establish relationships with the widest array possible of institutional and non-institutional actors, even the ones which it may be difficult to interact with, but which it may be useful to stay in contact with.

To this purpose, on the basis of frequent visits and established connections, the Institute usually approaches interesting countries and relevant people, both from institutions and opposition parties, even radical ones, in order to develop in-depth analysis on the most pressing issues, for the necessary evauations on possible developments, weaknesses and opportunities to be made.

In the end, what sets apart the Institute from other Italian foregn policy think tanks is the privileged and established relationship not only with relevant counterparts abroad, but also and foremost with state and non-state actors, thanks to frequent visits in the regions of interest for the Institute. These visits allow our analysts to experience the local reality and to transfer their findings to the Institute's clients, in order for them to have the most comprehensive understanding of the situation.