16 APRILE 2018
The new appointments at the top of Chinese economy
DI Paolo Crippa

In recent months, the entire governance system of the Chinese economy has undergone considerable restructuring. In March, during the annual meeting of the National People's Congress, the legislative body charged with officiating the proposals coming from the party's leadership, the appointments of new directors at the top of the main financial institutions of the Country have been made official. Of particular importance are the assignments entrusted to Yi Gang, Guo Shuqing and Liu He, respectively the new President of the People's Bank of China, the new Secretary of the Communist Party at the same institution and the new Vice-President of the People's Republic with responsibility for industrial and financial affairs. These appointments are part of a specific plan, designed by President Xi Jinping, aimed at redesigning the entire executive apparatus of the country, placing political figures in lead positions, all featured by a great technical expertise and a sincere adherence to the leadership’s political vision.


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