09 MAGGIO 2016
The difficult management of the North Korean nuclear threat
DI Francesca Manenti

The beginning of 2016 saw a serious deterioration of the relations between North Korea and the International Community. The latest nuclear test, which occurred on January 6, and the following long-range missile launch draw the attention of the International Community to Pyongyang’s research program for the development of atomic weapons.

The government of North Korea has always considered achieving a nuclear capability for military purposes a strategic priority for the Country, as the atomic weapon has always been seen as a fundamental instrument of deterrence in a context of highly problematic relations with neighbouring countries. Since 1993, when Pyongyang withdrew from the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), North Korea has allocated almost 700 million $ per year for its nuclear research program. This investment has always been addressed to the simultaneous development of technology for manufacturing both nuclear weapons and launch vehicles, in particular mid and long range ballistic missiles.

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