25 GENNAIO 2016
Iran's international posture in Rouhani's Era
DI Gabriele Iacovino, Francesca Manenti

This paper aims to present the current situation of Iran's foreign policy. In particular, the purpose of this publication is to analyze the national priorities identified by President Hassan Rouhani and the strategy that the moderate leader is implementing in order to pursue his own agenda, without altering the traditional internal equilibrium. To this end, the report will address three aspects.

First, the political pragmatism of Rouhani's Government: thus, the policy of the current President will be analyzed in the framework of both his rupture and continuity with the past, in order to outline how this attitude affect the policy agenda of the Government.
The second part of the paper will focus specifically on two great topics of Iranian foreign policy under Rouhani's Presidency: Tehran's rapprochement with the International Community and the expansion of its power projection capabilities in the Middle East.
The paper will highlight, in particular, how the two dossiers are managed, albeit in a synergic way, by the Foreign Ministry, responsible for diplomatic relations, and by the Revolutionary Guards, expression of traditionalist stakeholders and custodian of the regional agenda. A specific focus will be given to relations with Italy,  with an analysis of mutual opportunities which could be spurred by a revival of bilateral relations between the two countries, from an economic and, especially, political point of view.
Finally, the report will examine the future implications of Iran's reintegration in the International system, as the end  of Tehran’s  marginalization will influence the regional balance.

The contents of this report have been inspired by a visit to Iran of a delegation of Ce.S.I. – Center for International Studies, from 7th to 15th November 2015. The delegation was led by Ce.S.I. Chairman, Prof. Andrea Margelletti, with the participation of Dr. Gabriele Iacovino, Ce.S.I. Analysts Coordinator, and by Dr. Francesca Manenti, Ce.S.I. Asia Desk Analyst.

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